Welcome to Registration for AUGC2019!

Welcome to the landing page for registering, paying, and submitting abstracts for AUGC2019!

Read through the information below before starting the process, to ensure that you are clear.
  • If you are attending the conference, please register first.
  • Once you've registered, you can pay (Step 2) and submit an abstract (Step 3).
    • Please note you must first register for the conference before submitting an abstract.
  • Registration and payment are separate to allow for the option of bulk payments for students by faculty and/or administrators.
    • If you are paying for your own registration fee, please pay as soon as possible after you register.
    • If you are an administrator who is not attending the conference but are paying for attendees, skip registration and go directly to the payment step.

All field trips are first come, first served as there is limited space.
The cap for the Moose River field trip is 21.
Oral presentations are also first come, first served as time slots are limited.

1. Register for the Conference

2. Pay for Conference Registrations

3. Submit your Abstract